24-70L II -- a few samples and thoughts.....

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Re: 24-70L II -- a few samples and thoughts.....


I got the first one in town in Portland....

no CA at all ...I tried to force some ..it did not produce any

I found it sharp and very good ...until 70mm

then it was slightly ...a let down

plus I didnt like the bokeh

and  some 'halos' I got on a sharp subject closeup against a blur background..

may have beed partially my processing (LR4x)

so in a partial ...price verus quality .....frustration ...  I  returned it

I know I want the range

and HOPE for a sharper 70mm...so I will try again.. a dice roll I guess

I can afford it.. but dont want a marginal copy ....that I overpaid for....

that had    ....   NO   I.S.

so I wonder how you DID on second copy...especially at 70mm


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