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Re: I think it will probably be a "flop"

Jim Cockfield wrote:

But, Windows RT is *not* Windows 8. It may share some of the same "look and feel", but software will need to be compiled specifically for the Win RT OS (as software compiled or the Intel versions of Windows 7 or 8 won't run on Win RT)

Even worse, you have to buy all software for Windows RT from Microsoft's stores, where they'll make a profit on all of it, even with products that directly compete against Microsoft's own software.

Not true - Windows Store apps (what used to be called Metro apps) can be easily targeted to run on Windows 8 and Windows RT with no recompilation unless they are written in C++ native code, in which case a type of universal binary is supported with both Intel and Arm versions of the native portions available. Most apps won't need to be native anyway - the UI is XAML and universal, and most code can be C#/VB.Net and compile to IL that runs against the CLR - and that is the same for Windows RT and Windows 8. Windows Store apps must be written against the WinRT API which is also the same for both.

Now, Windows Phone 8 is a different story, and doesn't share nearly as much with Windows 8 or RT.

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