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Re: Nikon D600 gold award

Takuya wrote:

Ohhhhh here we go. This gets gold and the A99 will get less because it has 'too many features' and 'is too expensive' and everyone will freak out. I can see it now.

I am with you on that one.

Not in the market for either camera but it reminds me of the daft posts when Nikon launched their 24mp entry level camera.  Apparently that made  the A77 worthless.

DPR are not unaffiliated by the same myopia.  I think they gave the A65 a gold v the A77 a silver due to value for money.  Well value in luxury goods (that is what these cameras are to amateurs) is not necessarily judged like that.  It's features that are important to the individual that represent "value".

I also think we are at the stage where we were with film decades ago.

By this I mean if you put Kodachrome 64 in a Nikkormat FTN SLR (entry level Nikon film SLR for those who don't know what I am on about) and put the same film in a Nikon F2AS pro SLR, stuck a 50mm Nikkor lens on both you would NOT be able to tell the difference in the results.

Why buy the F2AS then?  Obviously for the numerous features it had the FTN didn't.

This is why you would buy a D800 over a D600 or a A99 over either.  Or a D600 over the other two.  Whatever floats your boat.

Now I am sure someone will find 1/3 of stop difference or whatever between the D600 and A99 at ISO-stupidly-high but even if at 100% you can see this I am certain no one will be able to see it in a blind test in a very large print.

So to summarise - stop obsessing about the "film" (the sensor) and buy the camera with the features that meets your needs and award whatever camera you decide on your own Gold Award because it matches exactly what you want personally in a camera.

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