The end of an era: bodies have become more important than glass.

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Re: In the days of Yore (film) ....

moving_comfort wrote:


... A body upgrade brought zero change in image quality, but a lens upgrade often brought improved IQ, especially with zooms - some of the old zooms were truly bad.

Now, a body upgrade can bring dramatic new IQ capabilities.... and the delta between the best and worst lenses has shrunk. There are very few 'bad' lenses, now, and even the consumer zooms are coated, corrected and fairly sharp.

So it's pretty obvious the body/lens IQ-value relationship has changed since the 'spend all your money on glass' wisdom was carved in stone... in the days of Yore.

Agreed. Bodies are a great deal more important than they were in film days, but lenses are still important. When we finally (if ever) get to the day where an interchangeable sensor/processor assembly is the norm, then bodies can be kept for longer periods (and upgraded periodically), but until then, they're relatively short-term items compared with lenses.

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