A dilemma: Nikon D600 vs Fuji X-Pro 1

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X-Pro1 vs D600 - Own both

Have both XP1 and D600 (and D3S). Different cameras for different purposes. XP1 for lightweight, take everywhere. A lot of fun and the manual controls inspire creativity. Great quality from both cameras. XP1 not for action, but walking about downtown Chicago shooting architecture or street photograhy or on vacation or on a hike, it's a blast, doesn't tire you out after carrying it all day and has great IQ (which the D600 also has).

Re other person's Q re Nikon adapter for XP1, you lose Program capability and have to set Focus and Aperture manually (will auto expose via adjusting shutter speed). 2 types of adapters - one just works with older lenses with Aperture rings, other type works with G lenses via having an aperture mechanism on the adapter (not precise, have to interpolate). The Rainbow Imaging cheapo one with the aperture control works fine for me, but I prefer the Fuji lenses for AF (slow in low light but really accurate in AF-S). Fuji lenses are great - especially the 35mm f/1.4 (50mm equivalent) which I think is better on XP1 than my Nikon 50mm f/1.4. Fuji 18mm f/2 is pretty good too, just a tad soft in the corners. Have the 18-55 f/2.8-4 on order and the early reviews are that it's really high quality and faster AF than the 3 primes that have been out for a while.

If you can afford it, get both!

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