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Well, Scott....

Scott Eaton wrote:

where you can get big rez gains without big money and a lot better tonality,

I'm betting I can randomly select any challenge winner on Dpreview and that image will have better tonality than anything posted on your web-site site.

For the most part that is true, because most of what is on my website right now was done with 8mp digital cameras.  There's not a lot on there at this time that was scanned, at least not from large negs.

But again, it's a moot point because it's largely not possible to see those differences on a monitor.  The viewing medium has a lot to do with this.  As you well know, monitors' ppi is far below best print rez of 300ppi

If chemical film provided such a better medium than professional digital capture then professional photogs would be using it.

Ummmm....they are.  What do you think is going on with so many architectural, landscape, and still some product photographers shooting LF?  It's true, those shooting MF have largely moved to digital, but not for the rez or tonality gain.  And it's true that some architectural, landscape, and maybe a lot of product pros have started putting digital MF backs on their LF gear. Again, not because they gained anything in rez or tonality. They did it because they could afford MF backs and it made sense for their business workflow.  They didn't do it for the lower capital outlay!

Instead the only people still using film don't seem to want to make claims like this and not back it up, and / or have multiple names on Dpreview because of constant banning / trolling.

I wonder if you could provide me with my multiple names?

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