Manual lenses on Sigma SD15

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Re: Manual lenses on Sigma SD15

vlad2304 wrote:

I used probably the last opportunity and bought new Sigma SD15 with 18-50/2.8-4.5 lens for 350 Euro. I was lucky and this combo produces very nice sharp images.

I have M42-Sigma SA adapter and as I am in Russia there are a lot of cheap manual lenses for M42 bayonet here.

My question is:

- is it troublesome using manual focus lenses on SD15 (correct focusing and aperture settings)?

- what lenses will you recommend basing on your experience?

I will be appreciate your advice.

Thank you,



this is my first post here, but I ve been reading this forum for some time and will share what I learned about m42 lenses on Sigma camera. I have Sigma SD15 for five months now and I m still learning. Like you I found out that I can use m42 lenses on it and because I had some old lenses from my father I bought adapter and tried them on my camera.

Focusing can be hard sometimes, specially in bad light conditions or with tele lenses. But with practice your focus gets better

I set camera to A mode and aperture to 1.0 - at this setting light metering is mostly OK.

Some Russian lenses are really nice. I have helios 44-2 and jupiter 21. Helios is interesting lens, I like the felling of pictures  taken with it. Examples:

helios 44-2

helios 44-2  + macro  tubes

Other m42 lenses that I have are:

pentacon electric 2.8/29

pentacon electric 2.8/29

auto rikenon 1.4/55.

auto rikenon 1.4/55

I found lots of information about non Sigma lenses on Sigma cameras on this site:  - original page is off line now, this is archived
Good place to get information about m42 lenses is forum at:

Have a nice day,


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