D600: wait until Nikon fix sensor-dust & black-border issues

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Re: D600: wait until Nikon fix sensor-dust & black-border issues

chlamchowder wrote:

- regular dust-spots: even DPR are moved to report this issue is far more prevalent on the D600 than any other current full-frame on the market. It will be too much frustrating time spent having to regularly clean a sensor (and pp out spots in Photoshop), a camera which in the year 2012 really should have an effective anti-dust system already.

It seems like this problem goes away after using the camera for a while. After about 12,000 clicks, I gave the camera a wet cleaning, and I haven't seen signs of dust since. I'm at over 18,000 clicks now, and I've done plenty of lens changes since that cleaning.

- and again, we are forced to waste a huge amount of time editing our video to get rid of black borders which have no reason for being there.

I've seen rumors that Nikon is in the process of releasing a firmware update, but I'm not sure if this will be addressed. However, it is only an issue if you record video through the HDMI out connection. The video recorded by the camera isn't affected by this limitation, as far as I can tell.

Nikon may well feel that the above two issues are not faults, but rather they differentiate a cheaper product from its more expensive sibling (the D800 doesn't have the above issues). From a marketing-perspective this makes sense, as it's making me reconsider the more expensive D80 after all. On the other hand it's very risky, as it's also making me consider the Canon 6D.

The 6D is not yet available, so we can't say for sure whether that camera will be problem free. It's quite likely that the 6D will have its own host of problems. Aside from that, the 6D also differs from the D600 in several areas:

  • The D600 has a far better autofocus system. The 39 point system has dynamic area (AF point expansion) modes, which make it far better for action tracking. You can also use the AF system in conjunction with the color sensitive metering sensor, and track objects around the frame (3D tracking, in Nikon's words). It seems like the 6D might do better in extremely low light, but the D600's autofocus typically doesn't fail until f/1.4 and ISO 25600 doesn't give a handholdable shutter speed.
  • The D600's sensor will likely have better dynamic range (less shadow noise) at low ISO settings.
  • The D600 shoots faster than the 6D (5.5 fps vs. 4.5 fps)
  • The D600 can accept pretty much all Nikon lenses, including ones designed for DX/APS-C cameras and manual focus lenses. Often, DX zoom lenses will completely cover full frame at some focal lengths, so they're more usable on the D600 than some might think. The 6D can only accept full frame Canon EOS lenses. EF-S lenses won't even mount.
  • The 6D has built in wi-fi and GPS. The D600 needs add-ons for that capability.

I will wait until after the new year hits, if Nikon haven't offered improvements to these two key issues then I will again look at D800 vs 6D (the D800 beats the 5DIII for me). If the 6D is as good as the D600 except without the issues, and close in price, then I may not go Nikon after all.

There are many important differences between the 6D and D600...make sure you look at all of them before you make your decision. And keep in mind that we can't say anything about what problems the 6D might have, because it's not even out yet.

I hope for us consumers Nikon fix these issues, as it will keep the market extremely competitive, and that ultimately gives us buyers choice and value for money.

Out of interest, how many of you have decided to buy the D600 in spite of the above two issues? What is your reasoning?

I bought the camera before I knew about the issues (pre-ordered it). Perhaps I should have waited, but in the end, the problems really didn't affect my shooting. I was using the camera to shoot sports, and it performed wonderfully:

And some have said the D600 isn't great for sports...well I think these photos of yours prove differently! Great shots!

And for the original post, I have read issues with the D7000, D800 as well as others including some of the Canon's having dust/oil issues as well. I own a D600 and used my blower once to blow 2 dust spots off my sensor.

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