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Re: mirrorless, EVF and other stuff

EVF is clearly still a compromised viewing experience over a pentaprism and even more so when your target is fast moving action.  As such, I just don't see Nikon doing their first DX CVF camera at the top end of the line.  It just doesn't make sense.  While they could conceivably go really fast without a mirror, if the AF/viewfinder is compromised, then the high end DX camera would be DOA on day one.  Further, it might not be immediately received all that well in the market since the high end market is all used to something else and use to the performance characteristics/features of the mirror.

I think it makes a lot more sense for Nikon to experiment with an EVF camera at the low end of the Nikon DX line where the viewfinder and AF is a much lower bar to meet.   If they can prove it out there, then it would be much more likely to be successfully accepted at the higher ends of the product line.  I could even imagine a D3200 (pentamirror) and a D4200 (EVF) in the market at the same time.  Imagine the D4200 has the same sensor as the D3200, but has EVF and does 10fps with a focusing system similar to the V1.  If that works and the market accepts it, then start moving up the product line.  FYI, this is what Thom Hogan has written about too (EVF starts at the bottom end of the DX line).

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