I'm thinking to buy a Leica

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Re: I'm thinking to buy a Leica

leerob wrote:

However, I'm accustomed to using zoom lenses and afraid that my photo taking will be to limited with a fix lens. Also, a long time ago I used to carry camera bag with extra lenses and unwilling to continue to do so. Is there Leica for me?


No doubt, a fixed focal length is a significant change (in a good way, imo & experience) from a zoom.

Try leaving your zoom set at 35mm for a while.  Then don't zoom at all for a shooting day+, (longer for a better trial) & see how it agrees with you.

No 1 camera is perfect for everything anyway.

But if you ultimately don't think a FFL will satisfy (FFL is one of the significant benefits of the Leica RF experience) but still desire the Leica brand - there's always the Leica branded compacts, with zoom ...

Life is short, if you can & want to - go for it.


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