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Re: Bad camera depends on the photographer

amalric wrote:

AF is here to stay of course, if I were in a portrait session I would avail myself of eye recognition. Besides it's a legend that Fuji's latest is slow. I am not sure you know the camera at all. Besides one can always use MF lenses, and manual aperture.

AF on the Fuji X-Pro is horribly slow. I have used it for about 1½ hours to test it out (After all it looked like a leica rangefinder) and besides being quite heavy for a camera that size, the AF and complete lack of MF assist made the choice to stay away easy.

Mind you, I am used to the slowpoke AF of my Olympus E-P1.

Much really depends on the feature of automagnification.

Personally I would rather have a real rangefinder for manual focus. For wide and normal views that is IMHO the best and fastest way to focus. I am also a great fan of having a wider field of view in the viewfinder than the lens, makes for good timing of a shot. Even using the screen of my E-P1 where you also have a complete view of the scene is not quite the same.

Obviously magnification is also great, it is something leica is missing badly (along with liveview and a decent screen) Add peeking and we are complete 

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