NX210 vs EX2f

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Re: NX210 vs EX2f

I'm not sure on the technicalities of comparing f1.4 on a compact sensor vs. f3.5 on a large sensor (I'm sure someone will come along with that knowledge), but what you should remember is that the larger sensor in any of the NX cameras means the camera can capture more light, compensating for any lower aperture. Of course, the f3.5 you refer to is only for the kits lens, you can more lenses for the NX cameras, for instance the 30mm f2 is very popular and very highly rated.

Regarding the aperture, on a compact camera the aperture is only really affecting brightness (unless you're very close to your subject), so f1.4 on a compact sensor will be bright but still have a large depth of field. On larger sensors f1.4 would produce a very bright image but with a small depth of field.

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