D600 vs D7000 Dynamic Range

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Re: JPEG versus Sensor dynamic range

Marianne Oelund wrote:

jfk wrote:

After reading the D600 review and comparing to the D7k, I noticed the following on dynamic range from reviews on this site:

According to this the D7k has greater dynamic range...9.2 vs 8.5. Seems to contradict what I've been reading about the D600.

What am I missing?

If you're using camera JPEG output instead of shooting RAW, the dynamic range information presented by dpreview may be useful to you. Do not confuse this with Sensor dynamic range, which is far greater and reflects hardware performance, independent of the JPEG engine; the D600 is the current leader in this respect.

JPEG dynamic range is simply down to certain choices in designing the JPEG processing. It could be made much greater, but the result would be very "flat" photos lacking contrast and punch. Unfortunately, the Sensor dynamic range isn't well utilized by the camera when generating JPEGs; the entire upper stop is always clipped, and the top end of the tone curve is anything but smooth.

In any case, if you're truly concerned about dynamic range, you should be using RAW, and then the DR results reported by dpreview will be irrelevant.

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Where do people get this 10 stops for the D7000? Everywhere says 14 stops?

Also the D800 has 14.2 stops or whatever, correct or mumbo jumbo?

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