Is there a market for a digital panoramic camera?

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Re: Is there a market for a digital panoramic camera?

MoreorLess wrote:

To me this seems like the one area from film that digital really hasnt moved into(besides that russian triple lens frankencamera), is it something you could see being sucessful?

Obviously digital has made stitching together panoramas far easier but there are still clear limatations when it comes to moving subjects, automation and composition.

At the very least I'd have thought someone would have given it a go with some kind of bridge camera, say a double width 1/1.7 sensor and an uwa zoom.

Do you really believe there are enough people that would purchase such a Camera after considering the present flexibility of creating pano's.  Probably, (or maybe) 1 Camera user in every 1,000 or even a greater spread in the ratio.  Also, most Panos are NOT of action related subjects and this should change some if using such a pano camera but stills would probably have a far higher percent for most individuals.  Such a Camera would probably have limited versatility.

Whatever the ratio, cost would logically be rather expensive due to the comparable potential sales.  I certainly would not vote to produce one if I was in a Camera Mfgr Product design group.

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