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Re: You're not paying attention

Biological_Viewfinder wrote:

I'm sorry to be rude, but you're not properly educated about the reasoning behind flagship cameras, their price, and their audience.
Your comparison is like saying your Honda Civic is just as good as a Cadillac CTS-V because both cars get you from A to B and the Honda is reknown for its reliability.
You can't just make these silly assertions without first asking people why they would purchase a D4. If you would just ask, then you would understand why it's such an important camera.
From *YOUR* standpoint, it's no longer as relevant because of the feature-sets available in far cheaper cameras which have received high praise. But the reality is that the D600 is a middle-ground dSLR. It's a wonderful camera, but it's no D4. My suggestion is that you should research the D4 camera as if you were going to buy it. Then you would begin to understand it's incredible power and grace. That camera is the best thing Nikon has ever made! It is the reason that the D800 and the D600 exist! You should go to your nearest camera store and kiss a D4 in reverence to what it has done to photography and how it has allowed Nikon to finally surpass Canon as king.
In short, Educate yourself.

This is completely incorrect.  The correct methodology is to simply just accept my word as undeniable truth, since I am the superior being, with more sexual liaisons to my credit, which you other brother cannot deny.  Seeing as how I am superior to you, this can only mean that my statements are accurate and yours are inaccurate and somehow mistaken.

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There are 10 types of people in this world, those who understand binary and those who don't.

Dammit this was my sig for a while too.

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