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A Owens wrote:

Hi, I am used to Canon colours and am struggling a little to get good skin tones (to my eyes) out of the 800e using Adobe LR. Has anyone done a profile that they are willing to share?

I use X-Rite ColorChecker profiles (ACR and LR support).  This does a lot to "fix" the global colors on Nikon raw files.  When I apply the profile to a photo of the Color Checker chart it really does appear to be quite accurate.

I have found the remaining issue I have had with Nikon skin tones is fixed by getting a proper WB setting.  As obvious as that may seem the problem I have observed is that Adobe WB temperature and tint are off when compared to what comes out of the camera with the camera presets.  Set your camera to one of the presets like sunny, cloudy, etc. and then compare the WB temp/tint inside ACR or LR by toggling between "As Shot" and the Adobe WB presets.  There's a big difference.

With Caucasian skin I prefer to do color-by-the-numbers.  That means I check my CMYK values inside Photoshop to yield "proper" cyan/magenta/yellow proportions.  I have found that when I have manually dialed in the right WB temperature and tint in the camera that the CMYK values after raw conversion are spot on for my taste.

If instead I rely on just setting the WB using the camera presets then I do not get skin tones that I like.  So maybe Adobe just supports Canon camera WB settings better than Nikon???  I do not know.

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