A99 w/studio strobes sync issues?

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Re: It is not a 'fault' in the camera.

Eleson wrote:

The SLT design (no mirror flipping) and a desire to shorter shot delay apparently causes issue with strobes that have some reaction time.

I'm guessing that this issue will not be apparent on all strobes.

If needed, would the a99 user communty accept a solution where you could adjust the timing between X-sync trigger and shutter release in terms of milliseconds?
And a separate on/off for daylight shooting.

All this at the expense that the msec delay would lower fps rate somewhat?

Actually, adding this in firmware would be rather cocky, being the first camera so fast that it needs to be slowed down to work with equipment designed for 'legacy type cameras'.

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Cheers Erland

I would have thought the fact the studio strobe in the test above that is triggered optically from the main A99 flash shows no problems with sync would be enough evidence to put a nail on the coffin of it being anything to do with the A99 being too quick, if anything it indicates the A99 is to slow...

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