Nikon UK Repair: Some Advice To Share

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Re: Update: Free Lens Repair

Bright Angel wrote:

primeshooter wrote:

Good to hear. TBH, most companies do the right thing in the end with enough complaining I normally get stuff sorted. Complaining is the way to go, keep it polite but firm, that works well for me and they usually give me what I want. They likely realise the alternative of me hounding them til the day they die ain't worth it LOL. The point is you shouldn't have to fight, but you do.

Nikon have had my D800 a week and only started to repair it today - I hope to have it back 100% functional. They are fixing the 10 pin terminal and cleaning the sensor of some oil (and dust - it was hard to tell but hey ho).

I hope it doesn't break again!

Thank you.

Sometimes you need to crack some heads together to show them they are wrong

Good luck with yours, mine (D800) took just over 2 weeks from been sent to getting it back.

I'm sending it them again next week, because either it or the Nikon 24-70 I have is kerfucked.

I'm either wondering about going back to the D700 or just selling every piece of Nikon kit I have and switching to the C word.

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Mark, first thing I said to Wife when it broke after I came back from the hills doing some long exposure work...

"This %$% would never have happened with the bomb proof D700".

She then said I should never have sold it lol.

I know any manufacturing can have flaws etc but, I am not instilled with confidence about this camera's build quality. But hey, it might be this one thing that breaks and 4 years in it'll all still be fine. Time will tell...if this 10 pin socket breaks again I will know what to do, sell it all and perhaps even wait it out without a camera or go back to the 700 (will be painful for me as I've been depressed not having one for the last week!). I guess I am concerned that if the socket is just fixed with some duck tape that it'll break again. £2300 I paid for this camera!

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