How do I chose a good budget desktop computer?

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Re: How do I chose a good budget desktop computer?

After reading some of the other posts, thought some clarification of my post might be useful.

Regarding getting a 1TB HDD as a minimum. Although you may be storing mostly still jpg images now, what's to say that you won't want to store video when you get a camera that shoots excellent HD video very easily. I never thought we would want to shoot video with our cameras but when I bought a Canon 500HS camera for my wife, pressing the red record icon on the screen is so easy that we started shooting video. Video from a SD camera card is so easy to handle compared to the old "tape based" camcorders.

Also, if you start using a video download program (like Videohelper in Firefox), you can download YouTube tutorials for easy repeated viewing and instant access to any part of the video, without having to wait for real-time video to download every time you want to review the tutorial. There are tons of photography, Photoshop, and other video tutorials on YouTube.

Yes, you could save video on an external HDD but being able to store it on your internal HDD easily and quickly without having to insure that the proper external HDD is attached is worth getting a 1TB HDD at a minimum. Plus larger capacity drives are faster due to greater data density for the same RPM. And as others said, the bang for the buck is with 1TB or larger HDDs any more.

If you go with Windows, go with 64 bits to have access to more than 4GB of RAM. You're finding limitations with your current computer so why limit yourself with your new one?

Regarding the amount of RAM, if you get 8GB of RAM in a matched pair of two 4GB sticks now, you may never need to upgrade your RAM considering what you do. But if you get 4GB of RAM now in a matched pair of two 2GB sticks, it could be a problem finding the same RAM in a matched pair to match the first 4GB if you want to upgrade to 8GB later. RAM is relatively cheap so why limit yourself to 4GB right off the bat? (Though in truth, 4GB should do what you want "now" with no problem.)

And if at all possible, get a SSD for your system drive and programs. Keep your data on your spinner HDD. You will be happy you got a system SSD every time you open a program. Trust me on this.

Just some things to consider,

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