Colour problems with Canon Pro9000 Mk2

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Re: Colour problems with Canon Pro9000 Mk2

cliokate wrote:

I am having a problem with the printed colours on my Pro9000. I am running LR and Photoshop CS5.5 on windows 7 64bitwith a fully calibrated (by Colormunki) monitor and all my prints are coming out much to dark and with a red cast.

I'm using genuine canon ink and paper and am using the correct profiles for the paper. I've tried letting the printer manage the colours and the results were very muddy. When I turn of all the printer management and let LR or Photoshop manage the colours the results are too dark and too red.

This is driving me insane any help would be appreciated.

It doesn't have to be complicated, it just seems that way because you haven't had experience with this, that's all. I just bought this same printer and i also had way too REDDISH prints because the Magenta color is set too high. I have found that is BEST if i DON'T let my photo application take over. What i have simply done is click on the printer PROPERTIES tab, then look for the little box that says Manual Color Adjustment if i am not wrong(i am not in front of my computer right now), and you might have to point your mouse to that box and might have to click it TWICE then it will let you enter into the next window where you will see the Magenta and other colors settings where you can increase/decrease each color intensity.

I have set my Magenta to -9 and that is where i am liking it. After you adjust your preffered color setting, there is a SAVE button, then i believe it will close that window and on the window where you will be on there is another SAVE button towards the top middle, this time it will open another window to give it a file name, what i did is gave that profile setting a name like "My Magenta -9". After you give that setting a name you will see it on top of the window and everytime you click on print you can re-select that profile or a different one that you wish to select from within that window.

Understand that depending on how saturated YOU made your photo in the first place, you might have to decrease Magenta a little bit more to maybe -12. You will have to experiment with it to see what suits you best. For people shots i have completely STOPPED using my camera in the STANDARD or VIVID settings because they come out overly saturated on "prints", don't get me wrong, on the LED they look fantastic becuase the LED screen looks bright and shiny but it will show a lot more colors on the actual print. Now i take people shots in the "NEUTRAL" setting for best results and if i find the photo is too dull then i have room to increase a little more saturation or color. I hope you get my points.

Calibrating my LED monitor has not been necesarry at all, just make sure not to take overly saturated photos of "people" because that will show on their skins and your prints over all.

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