Any E-PL5 Raw video samples and/or control reviews?

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Re: Any E-PL5 Raw video samples and/or control reviews?

JayBratcher wrote:

I would say the controls are fine for the type of camera that it is - certainly better than several DSLRs. There is no focus assist in video mode that I have found though.

That is the good news. The bad news is that the video quality leaves a lot to be desired. What I am finding is that the quality deteriorates over a group of frames, then suddenly snaps back to what it should be. It's not pronounced if you are shooting a relatively stationary scene, but if you are panning, you will notice it. Here are 2 sequential frames I shot to illustrate this point (sorry about the crappy color and contrast - I do believe both of those can be fixed):

Did you have the IS off?   If it is on, then it does a horrible "jello effect" which could account for your messy frames.

My E-PM1 was horrible until I figured that out.   Now I have a Pany 14-45 lens on it which has the stabilization built in (with the switch), so even my video is stabilized.

The E-M5, with the 5 axis IBIS also works in video mode, so out of the box it will be better at video.

With the E-PL5, you can even use the standard Pany 14-42 stabilization now, so you could get a cheap stabilized lens to use for video.   But the Pany 14-45 lens is a GREAT lens.

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