i5 vs. i7 Intel Processor - Which one?

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Re: i5 vs. i7 Intel Processor - Which one?

chkproductions wrote:

Where I need to upgrade my PC I have read many threads on this forum and have settled on the Dell 8500 as a good value. On some threads, people use the i5 processor and are fine with it, on other threads people feel the i7 is the way to go. I understand the i5 is just fine for still photo processing, but does the i7 give any advantage to video editing? I do what are called rough cuts in Premiere that ultimately go to the on-line editor for effects and finishing, so no heavy layering or rendering.

Any of your experience would be appreciated. I will also take a look on Adobe's site to see if they recommend one over the other.


If you are going to use Premiere Pro, I would suggest getting the fastest I7 processor you can afford.   Rendering and processing video is CPU and GPU intensive.  You can do just fine with an I5 processor if you are just editing photos one at a time, but for video I would go I7.  Also, make sure you have a fast hard drive or even an SSD drive.

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