D3200 Viewfinder info out of focus

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Re: D3200 Viewfinder info out of focus

Bahamian wrote:

intensity studios wrote:

Bahamian wrote:

The information in the viewfinder of my D3200 is out of focus, more to the right side where ISO information is. I have adjusted the diopter without much success. Any ideas on what may be wrong?

Did you drop your camera? Does your camera function otherwise as normal?

When I dropped and broke my D3200 the whole viewfinder was blurry and the camera would not function. I had to send it into nikon

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I have lent the camera to someone recently but it did not seem to have any scuffs on it when it came back which I would have thought I noticed since it is the red case camera not the black. The worse I have done is hit it against a door knob while it was in my hand but nothing I thought would have caused an issue. The camera seems to function normal otherwise.The picture in the viewfinder seems to be in focus. If no one else has another suggestion maybe I will need to send it to the dreaded repair center.

I have once lent a brand new camera to a friend, during a whole afternoon shooting. I was with him 50% of the time, when we got back home, he was in the hurry, since then, he never calls me back. The camera has a bump.

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