How do I chose a good budget desktop computer?

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Re: Thanks everyone! I think I may have overresearched it a little bit.

FNorman wrote:

How hard is it to upgrade the memory if it becomes necessary (I see you can go as high as 16GB)/any idea on the cost of such an upgrade as I see apple wants an extra $100 for the 8GB? From things I have read it seems like it is something that would be easy to do on my own (again only if I decide down the road that I need it).

On a current Mac Mini, it shouldn't be hard at all.  There's a removable access panel on the bottom of the machine.

Crucial and Other World Computing are good sources for RAM.  I see that at one of them, you can get 8 GB modules for a bit over $50 (the other one might even have a better price).  So putting in the RAM yourself would take you to 10 GB for about half of what Apple wants for 8 GB.

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