Nikon D600 gold award

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Sony user to switched over to Nikon

I'm not really sure as to what you mean by that last statement of "too many features", but I can completely understand why people think the a99 is overpriced (I know I did). For past history, I've been using the a700 for some time now, and recently purchased a D600. I've also used the a850 and a900. Personally, I'm not against using an SLT (I actually liked it when I test out the a77). I don't think DPR should take off points for it, as I found them to work really well (except in certain, uncommon situations). Now, I haven't used the a99, but I did the a77 and I found it to be unresponsive. The menu's tended to lag, off to on time was noticeable long, and the camera needed some time to catch up after I had changed settings. Interesting, I never had these issues with any older Sony cameras. I'm hoping that these issues were resolved with the a99. The major reason that I switched to Nikon was price. I don't think the D600 is a miracle camera, but over the past month, I have found that it works INCREDIBLY well. The only two issues I have had is the green shift AWB (which I fixed by taking two seconds to go into the Custom AWB menu) and the obnoxiously bright AF assist lamp (I have not missed it once since I turned it off, the AF is actually that good in dark light). My major concern with the D600 was the lack of external controls. However, this is the first camera (including the a77) that I feel I can almost totally really on Auto ISO, matrix metering, and AWB in ALL conditions. I know that some people in this forum don't feel that the D600 doesn't deserve such a high score, but use it and I think you will change your mind. That said, I think DPR were perfectly accurate in their assumption that this camera will undercut the a99, D800, and 5D Mark iii. Sony already has a difficult time tempting people to switch over from Nikon or Canon, and the D600 (and 6D) will only make it tougher. I think Sony could make headway if they release a fullframe for less than 2000.

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