D 800E Wedding Photographers please comment

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Re: D 800E Wedding Photographers please comment

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Maybe these guys would try Joe McNally's technique. He's a very well respected professional photographer who really knows his $hit.


That's what I use Da Grip its amazing how slow a shutter speed you can use if you practise.

My technigue is more like this Guy but my left hand grips my right wrist


Problem is at this shutter, you will find mirror slap a problem and mirror up mode is difficult/odd to use when not on a tripod - I guess you can do it with alot of practice. Thanks for showing.

I'm not using mirror up or exposure delay mode the only thing I do is instead of pressing the shutter is roll my finger over it & shoot after exhale.

Any left eye shooter who use's the camera-grip can learn the technigue in minutes using a 1/5th of a second is possible but meeds more pracise & is not very usefull but being able to shoot at half x the focal length when needed is very handy.

1/10th sec ISO 800 f2.8 focal length 62mm

And finally one at 1 second using my elbows in a doorframe its a mixture: subject movement blur me & camera which is worse on the right of the photo & improves towards the left of the photo the wallpaper is reasonably sharp if you don't pixel peep.

All I can tell you is even with a heavy tripod, shooting at below 1/15 and slower I notice a shot that has mirror up vs when mirror up isn't used. The slap of the mirror shows ever so slightly at these speeds. It's a big mirror and it decelerates with a clack and a fair bit of vibration.

I think that "McNally's" technique is great and very useful but at 100% resolution on a D800 it's not gonna be sharp sharp when you are at 1/5 or a second without a tripod and mirror up.

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