Has Nikon recalibrated your 85mm f/1.4G?

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Irrelevant analysis

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

just Tony wrote:

as predicted by Reikan FoCal was a whopping +23.

Monitors do not have constant light output, with different parts of the screen illuminated at different times, differences too slow for the eye to detect but AF sometimes can.

Testing AF via a target on a monitor is not always a smart move, particularly using short shutter speeds.

Put another way if your lens needs 23 at a particular aperture using manual focus the image needs to be obviously unsharp in the viewfinder (viewed wide open) to get a sharp image stopped down. If, with a none monitor target, the viewfinder and lens focus need no correction or are different to 23 suspect your calibration set up.

Interesting but not relevant here. Save that for another day and another topic perhaps.

Following Reikan's instructions I printed their test target with a high resolution printer. I followed their recommendations for bright and even lighting.

I can also reiterate that the software generated accurate recommendations which validated quite well in field use. It recommended +1 for shooting at f/1.4, and the "real world" images captured that way were in focus. It recommended -23 for shooting at f/4, for which I could only substitute -20 obviously, and 9 out of 10 of those images were breathtakingly sharp. Really stunning image quality. I might have hit 10 out of 10 if I could have set the camera to -23.

The reason I went into doing the focus calibrations in the first place was that when I first used the lens with no AF Fine Tune applied, every picture I took at f/4, 5.6, or 8 were not close to being in focus. It really needed help.

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