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Rule of thumb...

Spooner wrote:

Kweide wrote:

Without stabilizing system in the lens or/body i try to not go slower than 1/2*focal length. That means for an 50 mm lens 1/100 sec

Huh? Wouldn't that be 1/25th? And does the asterisk mean something?

And I thought the rule of thumb was to shoot at 1 over the focal length - in your example that would be 1/50th (for FF sensor).


The asterisk means multiplied by. 50 multiplied by 2 is 100. To make the formula absolutely unambiguous, a set of parantheses could be used: 1/(2*focal length). The rule of thumb originates from the days of film, so to be used with an APS-C sensor camera, one should multiply by 1.6 rather than by 2, but since this is a rule of thumb, individual interpretation of the rule should be acceptable

Usually it is claimed, that heavier equipment should be less prone to shake. Was IS on when you took this picture?

The DOF at f/3.2 at 49mm at 1.5m is 11 cm. It is hard to see if anything is in focus at all, but assuming the focus point (you can check that in DPP) is in the middle of the frame, you only have 6 cm to go by, and my guess is, the face is further away from the front of the jacket than that.

I have no doubt we see an example of camera shake here, but I wonder if we also see motion blur from the girl. She is really cute, but not necessarily standing absolutely still.

The only recipe for success I can think of in this situation is fully open aperture, IS on and higher ISO. The higher ISO will give you more noise of course.

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