How do I chose a good budget desktop computer?

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Re: How do I chose a good budget desktop computer?

malch wrote:

BobSC wrote:

Within the last year or so I have bought two Dell t1600 workstations. One has 64 bit and one has 32. I have found that some of my devices do not have 64 bit drivers.

Yikes. I have a fair bit of legacy hardware and I've found working solutions for all of it.

The only significant challenge was my HP scanner. Another reason I will never buy another scanner from that once fine company.

However, even that was solved (in spite of HP) with Vuescan.

You can always add more HD later, so I don't see a compelling reason to specify a size. My office PC boots off a 250 gb velociraptor and it seems to do just fine, although my secondary drive is now starting to get crowded.

HDD's under 1TB are just poor value today. You'll pay way more per GB for a 500GB drive than you will for 1TB.

Besides, "stuff" just keeps getting bigger. Operating systems, software, caches, images, etc. I'll wager the OP will need a TB within 5 years, even if he starts out using only 100-200GB.

My old HP deskjet has no drivers, although I think I understand there is some other printer with the same engine that does have drivers. I decided to just share the printer on my wife's computer, since I rarely print. I tried to put in an old ethernet card and it won't work, but a newer card had built in drivers. Nothing major, but good to check into.

My scanner -- epson, I think, has drivers, but curiously I need to run 32-bit Photoshop to make it work.

As far as the HD, if you're buying new, then what you say makes perfect sense. But if you get a PC off the Dell outlet, then a lot of them come with smaller drives. I see no reason to reject these machines outright if the price is good.

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