E-PL5, first real-life shot and some info

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Re: E-PL5, first real-life shot and some info

rrr_hhh wrote:

Anders wrote :

"This is of course the solution Oly should have had from the very beginning. Good to see it in place on the E-PL5. I am just hoping they will port the firmware and make it available on the E-M5 too. I am sure the job is a piece of cake but I am still not sure it will happen."

I don't count too much on this, alas. There is another good news : you will be able to customize the mode dial to replace any mode you don't use with up to four Mysets. That would put bracketing at your s disposal with one single change, isn't that great too ?

My E-M5 is getting jalous of the E-Pl5 here..

Thanks for the heads-up about the ability to customize the use of the mode dial on the E-PL5 Christiane. I wasn't aware of that yet.

I agree that it's an excellent idea that I'd much like to see implemented on the E-M5 too although I am about as pessimistic as you about the prospects that it will actually be implemented (although, again, it would be a piece of cake to do it).

I hardly ever touch the mode dial. My camera is in M mode nearly all the time and I'd prefer a solution, like that on some pro-level cameras, where the mode dial is replaced by a mode button. Alternatively, I wouldn't mind if the function provided by the mode dial were moved to the SCP. The real-estate left if the mode dial were removed could be used for other, more important (as I see it) purposes (e.g., things having to do with the way you set focus).

But I can see why the market in general might prefer to have that mode dial in place and the customization solution available on the E-PL5 goes a long way towards satisfying users like myself as well.

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