How do I chose a good budget desktop computer?

Started Nov 14, 2012 | Questions thread
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Re: Thanks everyone! I think I may have overresearched it a little bit.

FNorman wrote:

I'm leaning towards the base level Mac Mini. I've used a Mac OS in the past on other people's computers and I don't like it any better than Windows (just as I don't like Windows any better than the Mac OS). I also like the small footprint of the Mac Mini. Of course when you add in the mouse, keyboard, and optical drive it starts to get expensive, but they seem well built and will probably last a long time (I would hope).

The Mini is a good option when you want to put a tiny quiet computer in a location where other considerations apply, like in the living room.  Even if you prefer windows, it's one of the best options for that situation.  Most of the tiny box PCs use underpowered cpus.   Mine hasn't booted OSX in over a year.'re definitely paying a bit more money and you're using laptop oriented parts, so performance will be lower than a traditional tower PC.

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