Best Circular Polarizing Filter

Started Nov 12, 2012 | Questions thread
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One that I actually own

Hello again.  I have two CPLs (one that I never use came along with a lens trade).  I believe that this is the model of the one I actually use, and have also used with the 18-55 IS in the past:

Hoya 77mm

I can report that I have not experienced extra problems with flare when using this particular filter.  I have step-up rings to adapt it to my non-77mm lenses (52mm, 58mm etc.) and that works just fine as well.

When I bought this filter, it was more like $30.  Shop around for any filter you buy, and make sure you are comparing exact models-- I'm sure you've already noticed that there are many confusing variations in similar-seeming product lines.  Pay attention to features and nomenclature.

The polarization effect on this filter is so strong that it can be overstrong in many situations (meaning that one needs to use it at less than full strength most of the time).  Here's an example of "way too strong", captured at around 3 p.m. in strong light:

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