Questions Concerning Upgrade to Win 8

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Why not install to a virtual disk?

cheezit wrote:

System: Dell XP 8300, Win 7 Home Premium, 64 bit, 1.5 TB hard drive with 4 separate partitions. (not including the hidden system restore partition. System restore disks were created from it)

I was thinking about upgrading to win 8 cause I'm not too satisfied with how my current system is running, i.e. slow boot time, slow opening of apps like Photoshop, LR4, Topaz Labs. Almost all apps anyway. I have checked with the upgrade assistant and all of my current apps are compatible with Win 8. Questions:

1. If I do a clean install of Win 8 but decide to go back to Win 7 will I still be able to use the system restore disk to go back?

2. If I do a clean install do I have to delete the partitions I created first or will the installation of Win 8 delete them in the process?

3. Why are the Win 8 Pro software being sold in stores so cheap ($69). Are those for full installation or for upgrade purposes only?

Thanks in advance for all the help.

I previously installed the preview version of Win 8 to a virtual disk on one of my win 7 machines to see what it was like. Today I finished the virtual disk install for the latest Win 8 Pro. Runs just like a clean install and I choose which OS to boot on an opening screen. If I don't like it I can just delete the virtual disk and change the boot configuration.

Google for the directions to virtual disk install.

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