FZ200 - Request to switch off, then back on

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Re: FZ200 - Request to switch off, then back on

Thanks for the info

RudyPohl wrote:

It happened 3 times in the past 2 most to me when as the lens was going back to it's dormant position it pinched a little skin from my hand ever so slightly. It seemed like a safety mechanism that comes into play when the lens travle has been obstructed... I just guessing, but that the way it happened each time.


Thanks for the info; I should have checked the User Manual

Jen003 wrote:

Firstly, I don't have the FZ100. However my FZ40 does this and old FZ20 also did this. I remember reading in the manual that this is a normal occurrence and not a malfunction. I presume this is the same with the 100.

I don't know why it happens though, so this post may not be helpful to you.


Yes, the FZ100 does have this as a message but in the years that I've used the FZ100, I've never had this message; I guess the FZ200 is a tad more sensitive.

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