Strange behaviour of X-E1 viewfinder

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Re: Strange behaviour of X-E1 viewfinder


I am sat here under artificial light with my X-E1, and I can confirm the following:-

  • panning without my finger on the shutter release is almost lag free, unless I pan very quickly
  • panning when I have the shutter release half pressed causes the display to show more noise and a slightly higher lag, presumably as the lens stops down

The EVF is of a higher quality than the one in the X-Pro1. However, the refresh rate means it will never match an OVF in terms of update - we are not at that point in the technology.

However, this is the first EVF I have used that I have found acceptable (in terms of visual quality, though not refresh rate) in comparison to an OVF.

I guess it depends on how you want to use the camera. I would not use either the X-Pro1 or X-E1 if I wanted to take a lot of fast, action shots - you really need a DSLR with optical viewfinder and phase detect autofocus for that.

For the sort of shooting I do (a mixture of landscape and street), the EVF is more than satisfactory - I actually prefer it to the OVF of the X-Pro1, as I intend to buy the 18-55mm zoom.

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