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Re: Well, basically you agree with me...

bobn2 wrote:

TimK5 wrote:

ASA 400 has more "noise" than ASA50 and the D800 has more noise than the D700.

What you "resizer-guys" are saying is: Take a Bugatti Veyron (1200 HP, 0-100 in 2.6s) and a Volkwagen Golf (105 HP, 0-100 in 10.5s), normalize the HP to 105 HP and there you go, the VW ist about 3 times faster than the Bugatti

Not at all. What we are saying is that if you compare the fuel consumption of the Veyron at its maximum of 210 with the fuel consumption of the Golf at 120, you'll probably find that the Veyron uses a lot more fuel. If you want to find out how much fuel it will use just driving around, you probably need to compare it going the same speeds, which is in fact the basis on which fuel consumption calculations are done. It would be silly to compare every vehicle at its maximum speed.

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Faster in a sense of acceleration. Take the 1200 HP and 2.6s, normalize it to 105HP and the Bugatti needs 29.7s from 0-100...

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