Anyone else buy D800, sell it and buy D600 and love it!!

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Re: Anyone else buy D800, sell it and buy D600 and love it!!

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I compared the d800 side by side with sharpness of the D3s and the D3s was so much better. It wasn't that one side was soft it all seemed soft. I tried all my lenses including the 70-200 f2.8 vr2 and my trusty 50mm f1.4 and even on a tripod they still seemed soft, I must add I do have 20/20 vision, so I knew it wasn't my eyes. After trying for a day I decided to return it as I'm not happy buying something that doesn't work for me.

Sorry, but think logically here. How can one camera be "softer" than the other?

The d800 has more resolution, and by all accounts it has a very weak AA filter too. There's no way it should be "softer". Total nonsense.

Also, less than one day of ownership doesn't qualify you for anything.

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One camera can be softer than another for 2 reasons:

1. Flawed auto-focus / lens tuning

...but that does not mean the camera takes softer images. Manual focus or CDAF live view should still give good results, at least as good as with another camera using the same lens. The D800, being a higher resolution camera, gives more detail than the D3s or any other lower resolution camera.

2. Technique of the photographer. Hand holding d800 with 24-70 i get softer images than i did hand holding d90 with the same lens. This applies to low light situations only.

That's because the D90 is DX and so you had the additional DOF as an advantage. Hand holding the D800 in any situation with any of my lenses I get sharper images with the D800 than I got with the same lenses on the D300s, which has the same sensor as the D90.

You are absolutely correct. With flawless technique D800 will take better pictures than D90 with equally flawless technique. But, in real world technique of most people is never flawless. D90 seems to be more forgiving of poor technique, resulting in more usable images than would come out of d800 with poor technique. This difference is most visible in low light (slow shutter) freehand situations.

At the end of the day:

D800 has superior specs and better "best" performance.

D90/D7000 will yield more usable photos from point-and-shoot, everyday snaps.

If money was no object, i would not give d800 to my tech-unsavy parents. I would give them d90 and told them to keep it in full auto mode or Aperture Priority Mode.

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