Strange behaviour of X-E1 viewfinder

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Re: Strange behaviour of X-E1 viewfinder

Peter Vaktor wrote:

Unfortunately there is a "stuttering" effect seen in the EVF of the X-E1, which is due to the relatively slow refresh rate of this viewfinder. This is seen primarily when panning with the camera. There is also a slight delay causing a momentary freeze of the image in the VF when focus is achieved. This focus freeze was seen with the EVF of the X-Pro-1 as well but here it is not as pronounced. I personally passed on buying the X-E1 because of the EVF lag which I found annoying.

The momentary freeze is caused by metering.

If you lock AF, then half press the shutter, the freeze still exists.

If you want a lag-free EVF you'll have to look at a GH3.

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