Strange Behavior in Manual Focus with XE-1

Started Nov 14, 2012 | Discussions thread
Brad Morris Veteran Member • Posts: 4,495
Assisted Manual Focus

If you press teh AF-L button while you are in Manual focus mode the camera will assist you and autofocus the Fuji lenses.

It sounds as though you are accidentally covering the af-l button with your thumb. When you half press the shutter button, you are squeezing the camera and pressing the button and getting the assisted manual focus function.

Try making sure that you are gripping the camera with your right thumb to the left of the raised metal section, just near the dial and it wont do the AF if you half press the shutter

Jay A wrote:

I purchased an XE-1 the other day and almost immediately noticed this strange behavior...
When I put the camera into manual focus, I saw that the manual focusing was very quick and I was happy about that. However, when I pressed halfway down on the shutter release, I noticed while looking through the viewfinder that the camera focused again as if it was still in auto focus. Not sure exactly why it would do that, I did a test where I did one shot manually focusing on a subject and another where I had left the manual focus purposely on a different subject at a different distance. In each situation, the half press seemed to cause the camera to auto focus (at least it did so on the lcd through the viewfinder) but only the one in which I did manually focus correctly came out in focus in the photographs.
Thinking that this was just a strange quirk to this camera, I didn't think much more of it, but later that night I tried all this again and this time, anytime I half pressed on the shutter button, it did NOT auto focus in the viewfinder as it had been doing earlier in the day. Everything worked the way I would think it should work in manual focus.
Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas?

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