How do I chose a good budget desktop computer?

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Re: How do I chose a good budget desktop computer?

malch wrote:

* 8GB of RAM and a 64-bit OS. Don't mess around with 4GB or a 32-bit OS. You'll regret it later

* 1TB hard drive (don't go smaller)

Within the last year or so I have bought two Dell t1600 workstations. One has 64 bit and one has 32. I have found that some of my devices do not have 64 bit drivers.

I generally agree with what you're saying anyway, but if a person has existing devices they really want to continue to use, then they should check on driver availability. I don't notice one machine being particularly faster than the other.

You can always add more HD later, so I don't see a compelling reason to specify a size. My office PC boots off a 250 gb velociraptor and it seems to do just fine, although my secondary drive is now starting to get crowded.

If our OP's typical photos, which he shoots mainly in jpg, are under 1mb each, then that's 1,000 per gb, If he shoots 10,000 per year, it would take a long, long time to fill that terrabyte drive. Now if he starts shooting video, all bets are off

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