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Re: Do you have experience with class action suits?

John Motts wrote:

JJonasL wrote:

Considering the magnitude of the problem....

Because of the suffering that has resulted from this problem, perhaps the United Nations should get involved.

I agree... JJonasL can start his argument in court with how many people have died, Nikon will immediately own up to their part in this hideous conspiracy and dole out billions to those of us who haven't bought their D600's yet can now afford them...

JJ if you are really serious... Buy the stinking camera and find out if what you are saying is true... You can always get your money back especially if you buy it from Amazon...  It's really hard to take you seriously for more than one second when you don't even have the beeping camera... I for one have not had any problems with mine....  I don't expect a hand out from Nikon...  even if I had dust on my sensor, the worst thing that would happen to me is I might spend a few minutes cleaning it up in PP.

As I said on an earlier hysteria thread like this.... I live in the land of dust... (Central Valley, CA)  This years dust has been almost up to biblical proportions and yet...  My camera cleans out with a simple air blower...  You couldn't even conceive the ammount of dust in the area here when they harvest almonds and walnuts and then begin to plow under the fields for winter planting.  We're talking about millions of acres of dust and the prevailing winds off the Delta send it every where....  Please cut the crap or admit you are either being payed by a marketing firm or a troll looking for attention...



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