Nikon D600 gold award

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Photostyle wrote:

TrojMacReady wrote:

Photostyle wrote:

It seems again proven that Sony make the best sensors, but that Nikon can put better images out of that sensor then Sony !!!

Doesn't take an Einstein to realize that the beamsplitter is the main reason we see a difference, rather than what Nikon or Sony are capable of as you seem to suggest.

If you put it that way, one could turn it the other way around and say : way is the beamsplitter still not better then the Nikon technology ? why do we need that ? because Sony impose that to there costumers ?

Because a lot of people value the LV plus fast PDAF. As witnessed in these forums by those that actually use them.

You have a better proposition? Another OVF Sony market fail ("me too" product without the CaNikon badge)?

I say it again, Sony make the best sensors, and other brands make the best camera's with Sony sensors !!!!!

You're free to think that based on your preferences. Those that value SLT's obviously disgree.

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