5D3 Pattern Noise Improvement and High ISO Cooking

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Re: Shutter lag: 5D3 is 3.5 times faster then D800?

Press Correspondent wrote:

A 0.018-second difference and only when prefocused. Wow. 5D3 is completely unusable. I will return mine right away. If there was one thing to improve in 5D3, it would be the shutter speed, not the sensor DR. Thank you for opening our eyes on what really matters. Finally I know why I've been missing all good shots. The camera is just too slow. I can catch a fly with my mouth quicker than 5D3 can take a shot. LOL!

I did not say it was unusable.

I'm not returning mine.

I've just ordered two 600ex-rt flash units.

Why are you so defensive?

This was just blown out of proprotion.

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