From NEX to I mad??

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Re: From NEX to I mad??

I had a NEX-3, then upgraded to an NEX-7 because I really needed the EVF. IMO, the 3 & 7 are wonderful cameras and between the two, I'd have to say the 3 did the job when the sun didn't get in the way of framing a shot (no EVF). I really enjoyed the 7 because of the control dials on the top (really handy), the color peeking, small size and awesome EVF.

If you're not taking action shots and can wait for the contrast focus mechanism to lock onto the subject, I'd stick with an NEX. If you really need fast focus, you'll need to move to an A65/A77. I made the choice to go to an A77 because it just had more to offer than the A65, but it's about $500 more too. Both 65/77 will have you a wider variety of lenses to choose from, and that's a big plus. The kit lens (or non-kit as Sony would rather say) is really good, and in contrast to the NEX-7 kit lens, really shines.

If you were on a budget, I'd go A65+kit or if you can afford it, A77+kit! The size is a lot bigger but you get used to it, and it just looks awesome!

I've been shopping for Minolta lenses for my A77, and just be aware that a cropped sensor (24mp line of Sony sensors) will have a higher MM equivalent to a full frame MM. So a 35MM on a full frame will be more like a 40-42MM on a cropped frame. Review my other threads for best pics for Minolta lenses!

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