D600 close to D4 at high ISO

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Re: D600 close to D4 at high ISO

btobey wrote:

Yes I agree. Perhaps I should perform an analysis to define the relationship between SNR and resizing. But I agree with you that it is common to resize images. However one needs to ask themselves why do you need 36MP then. I mean why put up with the inconvenience and inefficiency in workflow if all you intend to do is resize.

The question is, how many cameras do you want. I have a D800 a 5D. If I want an A2 image that is 36MP, the D800 does it without resampling. The 5D (or any other FF camera) needs upsampling (the D800 is really upsampled since each Bayer sub-array needs interpolation to yield a 36MP colour image).  An A3 image is 18MP. Things like a 2nd or later generation Canon, the 24MP Nikons and Sony's need downsampling, a D700 or my 5D need upsampling. At that size image the D800 produces a visibly superior image to any of them. An A4 image is 9MP. The D800 produces that very nicely with a direct half resolution merge of the Bayer quad, very fast indeed to process, and produces results better that the others which need interpolation and downsampling.

So everyone resizes always. If you don't want an array of cameras, one for each picture taking situation, the D800 covers it all, except for the highest frame rates.

Also, quite often I find myself revisiting and reworking stored files. Then quite often I find myself wishing I had captured all of the information that the D800 will capture.

Further, cropping is also a common technique. When you consider cropping, the advantages of resizing diminish.

Hardly, the advantages of having plenty of pixels to start with are most evident.

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