Shutter Speed seletion issue

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Re: Shutter Speed seletion issue

gwlaw99 wrote:

I am thinking about buying a J1 or N1 for my 70 year old mother in law. She is probably going to use it on auto mode to take images of her grand children. I thought these cameras would be perfect because of the combination of fast auto focus and burst mode. She is mostly concerned with motion blur. However, i read recently that the firmware chooses a slow shutter speed instead of increasing ISO. I also read that this issue was somewhat fixed in firmware 1.2.

My question is, after firmware 1.2, is this really an issue? My other option would be to teach her how to use shutter priority mode, but most likely she would want to use auto anyway.

How old are the grandchildren?

With the firmware upgrade, I was able to fix the issue for my 2 year old (who won't sit still) for non-flash photos.

But, for flash photograph, my D7K is expontenially faster handling than the J1.  When I hit the shutter on my D7K, it fires immediately and I get the shot I wanted.  With my J1, it is just a touch slow and I often get misses and funny faces.

For adults and older children, the J1 takes very nice family pictures with or without flash.

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