How the post-Sandy 'New York' cover photo was shot with a 1DX

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Re: How the post-Sandy 'New York' cover photo was shot with a 1DX

I'm not sure about 1/5th exposure, it gets to a point when the ambient light is just fill light, the exposure for the city lights remains the same no matter what the weather does.

Oh, let me explain the 1/5 shutter. I was talking about trying to take the same shot with ISO 800 film on a 2.8 Medium format film lens..

He shot ISO 12800 at 40 shutter I believe (I know it was something LOW) with film you would need a MUCH longer shutter, and my estimate was 1/5 sec

The X has made it much easier, I did shoot some at 12800iso handheld no gyro the other day with very good results. 8000iso was spot on no complaint.

The best thing about high iso is you can stop down, vignetting becomes a real quality issue when shooting at night. Any corner boosting software tweaks can bring up the noise in those corners. Which means for best results you still need gyros.

The other advantage the X has over passed Canon products is it will focus in low light.

I would not want to shoot night aerials now with anything but the X.

I have seen somewhere a night aerial pictures taken in the early years of photography with a plate camera suspended from a kite.


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