Is the new Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II worth $1300 more than a good used mark I?

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Re: Is the new Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II worth $1300 more than a good used mark I?

Asking this forum for purchase advice is many times a bad idea.

The only thing to remember is that old version is a VERY good lens. And the preferred choice among professionals for years. That a new version just got released doesn't change that fact.

Have you used the old and new next to each other? I have. 9 out of 10, it is far better.  You forget the original 24-70 came out just as digital cameras took off 2002. Film was still being used a lot.

Canon optimized this lens for digital camera resolution. There are a few BIG complaints I have about it. 1) no IS, 2) price with no IS, 3) I liked the old hood design..

But looking at the same shots, taken at the same place (weddings shot at the same venue under the same conditions) the V2 is much better on the sharpness and contrast. Final image is better.  Wide open it is amazing how much it vignette, but not as bad as the 1st.

I stand by one thing. If you make money shooting, and 90% of all your shots are with a 24-70 @ 2.8-4.0, this lens is worth it.. If this is a hobby, or you shoot more 4-5.6 and higher, NOT worth it,,,

What is that worth to you?

And contrary to popular forum beliefs, it actually beats the new version in certain, at least to me, very important areas.

Personally I have more important things to invest in for the moment, so I'll skip the new version and will only buy it when and if my original breaks.

(but as usual a whloe lot of people jumps in talking about the 24-105 which is easily the worst performing L lens in the whole lineup - but its a kit lens so many people have it - the 17-40 may not be stellar either, but it is a speciality lens and really not comparable)

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