Aperture just deleted 233 GB of my photo files!!! Worst Apple product ever!

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Re: Aperture just deleted 233 GB of my photo files!!! Worst Apple product ever!

on the contrary, this behavior DOES make sense.

a project, in fact, is the only place where your MASTERS are stored.

and a master can reside in only one project at a time.

albums and smart albums, on the contrary, contain only VERSIONS, and deleting them will not delete any masters.

the easiest analogy (at least for me) is this: a project is like a cabinet storing your negatives, whereas albums will hold your prints.

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Roberto (equipment in my profile)

Sorry Roberto, not true in a Referenced managed Library.  Your MASTERS are not stored in projects.

Masters are stored in folders on your storage drive and represented in the Aperture Library on import by Projects.  You CAN ABSOLUTELY delete the main imported version of your image file from your project, trace it to the trash, DE-select MOVE REFERENCED FILES TO SYSTEM TRASH from the dialogue box and hit DELETE.  Your ORIGINAL FILE will remain on your storage drive in it's original folder.  The version will be removed from the project.

The confusion arises because it was previously documented by Apple that "

"When an image is represented in the Browser by a single version, you can select the version and delete it, and the corresponding master is deleted as well."

This appears to be no longer true unless you so specify (FILE/DELETE ORIGINAL IMAGE AND ALL VERSIONS).

I first encountered this problem when I imported a folder of wedding images from my drive, decided I wanted them in a different project and DELETED THE PROJECT.  Pictures vanished.  Don't think there was a TRASH stop gap then or I didn't know enough to look.

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