Nikon D300s or D7000?

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Re: I can't accept that sorry..makes no sense

Barry Fitzgerald wrote:

ott77n wrote:

Then, there is the "first DSLR" crowd. See, D7k has a green setting on mode dial, has scene modes, and is very highly regarded, and it costs not much more than $1k. It was actually sold out everywhere for months and months after its release. This crowd wants the AF to guess what the photographer had in mind.

No I wanted it to focus "on the subject under the AF point" but the D7k was so sub par even that simple request failed.

Add to that, various Canon 1dmkI or Minolta users, and you have a perfect recipe for the internet focusing issues.

Worst camera I've used for AF can't track a slowly walking mouse let alone a sweeping eagle. It struggles badly even with static subjects because of the inconsistency and back focus.

There are lots of discussions out there that point to shoddy QC and service from Nikon

"I have been dealing with huge problems with my D7k and it is still not fixed after one replacement and three trips to Nikon repair center."

One seasoned D7k supporter admits the AF does suck and they use live view! (great eh?)

Here the same poster trying to put it down to "the limits of phase detect AF" which is fantasy of course..

I could go on but the D7k fans blame the users/settings/limits of technology and anything else bar the real issue

"YOUR" Nikon cameras came out defective for some reason, who knows where and in what condition you got them in, maybe they were all refurbished. By the way, may i ask you what was Nikon's written repair statement once they sent those cameras back to you? Did they said they were bad or unrepairable, or did they tell you they were good to go??

Personally i am no D7000 fan boy, but it is the only Digital camera i currently have, and it works damm well, that is why i still have it and that is why i will keep it until it dies, and perhaphs because the camera does sell at a fantastic price i might as well just get another one after. The camera is NOT perfect and it certainly is no D4 and your Sony model does have a faster AF, but it is perfect for what "I" do.

I can post a couple hundred photos as proof and evidence if you like? Believe me, it is VERY VERY unfortunate what has happened to "you". I actually feel bad. This are really ongoing pointless conversations!

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